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John Piper Exhibition at Elmslie House

JOHN PIPER AT ELMSLIE HOUSE An exhibition and sale of over 50 prints, fabrics and original works. Saturday 20th May – Sunday 28th May John Piper is one of the major figures of 20th century British art whose magical use of colour and texture can be seen in work ranging from art and printmaking to ceramics, fabric design and stained glass. His distinctive style is best appreciated by his expression of architecture within its setting, especially in the many original prints included in this exhibition. This free exhibition brings together over 30 limited edition prints; a range of beautiful fabrics and a collection of original works, including a rediscovered watercolour of a Welsh scene, all of which are for sale. We are delighted to be collaborating with fifties Art Dealer, Richard Turkington, who is curating this exciting collection which will also feature the works of local artist, Jamie Cramp, whose contemporary work is strongly influenced by John Piper. The exhibition will be held at the hall here at Elmslie, hopefully providing a suitable setting! The exhibition opens on Saturday May 20th and runs until Sunday May 28th inclusive and at the following times: Opening Times: Friday May 19th – Private

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Somatics Basics of Movement Classes – Thursdays 5.45pm

Sarah Stevens will be running her Somatics class to keep your moving more freely and painlessly. What does one learn in a Somatics class/workshop? Somatic education classes focus on your experience of your bodily senses. For example, “What do feel when you move that part of your body?” During each movement, you will bring attention to what it feels like to relax a muscle as well as which muscles are used in the movement. Keeping your attention on the sensations involved in the movement is a key component in gaining voluntary control over the sensory-motor system to more effectively engage and relax the muscles as necessary. You will be coached to make all movements slow, engaging their complete attention in the movement. To help maintain focus, most movements are done lying on the floor to take out the need to use one’s attention to balance freeing the mind to focus its attention solely on the movement. This makes the class accessible for most levels of physical ability. If you have further questions whether this class is appropriate for your needs, please contact me. Class sessions and workshops may vary in theme, but are designed to be part of a well-rounded curriculum

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