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Starting March 8th – NCT Relax, stretch & breathe classes

NCT Relax, stretch and breathe classes are a great way for expectant mums to keep active, take time to relax and meet other local mums to be. The sessions are welcoming to all levels of fitness, flexibility and mobility. No previous experience of yoga is needed. You can attend from 12 weeks pregnancy to when your baby is born. There is a range of yoga based poses, breathing focus, relaxation, birth preparation and an opportunity to socialise with other expectant mothers. These sessions are timed to aid a restful and relaxed night. The sessions will take place every Wednesday 8-9.30pm starting 8th March. They will be in the beautiful Elmslie House in Malvern, a short walk from Great Malvern train station with ample parking available. Please contact Ruth with any enquiries 07734263776

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SongS P A C E… with Julia Palmer-Price (Fridays 11.00 – 12.00)

SongS P A C E… A class for singers of all ages and abilities to come and find, explore, re-discover and develop their unique voice; through seasonal sing-a-long songs, chants, hymns, hums and perhaps a lullaby or three, in the awesome acoustic of the concert hall; with songstress Julia who believes everybody can sing! …is A C E! Guaranteed to put a smile on yer face. FRIDAYS 11am till 12noon @ E l m s l i e House ~ £5 Contact Julia 07807 287095 Songstress Julia Palmer-Price (alias Ju-la-la) professional cellist, pianist, composer and teacher, came to Malvern after playing Jimi Hendrix with Nigel Kennedy in 1999, the pinnacle of a colourful career. A former resident at 8 Avenue Road, The (then) Grove (2000-2013), Julia and her late-husband Philip often opened their house as a Performance Arts venue and Julia conceived her Cello’ScooL, which, now 16 strong, regularly returns to perform at Elmslie House. Julia has been singing since the cradle and welcomes All to enjoy SongS P A C E. Intended as a tonic! Classes begin by connecting with the breath adding gentle movements designed to get energy flowing; then, after tuning in with carefully chosen chants, Sol-fa

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Yoga with Three Counties Yoga

Sue has been practising yoga for 26 years. Little did she know that attendance at a local yoga class because of a need for relaxation was going to lead quite so far! She has studied and continues to study with several schools of yoga, for example Iyengar, Viniyoga and most recently Sivananda, but has not settled with any particular tradition. She is currently concentrating on Mahamudra meditation within the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition and is developing an interest in the healing yoga of that tradition. ? Sue has been a yoga teacher for over 20 years. She has concentrated mainly on setting up and teaching private mixed ability, adult classes but has very broad experience in teaching students of all ages, some on a one to one basis. She is committed to bringing yoga within the reach and understanding of all. Her specialisations include themed teaching and aspects of breathing, anatomy and physiology.   Classes: Tuesdays ?13.30 – 14.30  Mixed Ability Yoga   Wednesdays 11.00 – 12.15 Mixed Ability Yoga   18.30 – 19.45  Mixed Ability Yoga     Contact details: Sue Hayles :07815 946362 ??Email   Please visit to find out more

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Chi Kung with Max Mainini

 If you are looking to develop your sense of calmness and relaxation in an increasingly fast paced world, or to help keep your body and joints healthy, then chi kung is something you will enjoy. What is it? Roughly translated to ‘energy work’, practising Chi Kung enhances the flow of chi (vital energy) through the body. The exercises are often slow, gentle and flowing, and may take the form of static postures, slow movements and special walking exercises. These are often inspired by nature and help keep the body supple, invigorate and enhance body function and as well as helping to develop mental clarity and inner stillness. Join a class…. Here on Mondays from 6.30-7.30pm on 23/1 30/1 6/2 13/2 20/2 27/2 To book a place, please see Chi Kung Malvern or call Max on 07976239855 The classes are perfect for beginners and those with experience.

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Classes with Carrie Kidman Beeson

Formerly an instructor with Fiesta Fit, Carrie has now branched out on her own and regularly teaches the following classes at Elmslie: Fitness classes in Pilates, Latin Dance and interval training. Ante and postnatal specialist but all ladies welcome. Classes for men and couples coming soon! Please contact Carrie to book a place on 07990658743 or

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Hatha Yoga – with Laura Mulvey – Mondays 9.30am

Returning on Monday 9th January is a Hatha yoga class run by Laura Mulvey Every Monday during term time 9:30-10:30 Hatha yoga links breath and movement through a sequence of yoga postures, it increases flexibility, improves strength, reduces stress and increases vitality. This is a comprehensive class focusing on various aspects of yoga such as posture work, breathing techniques and culminating in a short relaxation. Laura has practised yoga for over 8 years. She is in her final year of Teacher Training with the Friends of Yoga Society and welcomes you to take part in a fun and relaxing class!   £7.50 per class   To book your place please contact Laura on or drop in on Monday morning!

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Somatics Basics of Movement Classes – Thursdays 5.45pm

Sarah Stevens will be running her Somatics class to keep your moving more freely and painlessly. What does one learn in a Somatics class/workshop? Somatic education classes focus on your experience of your bodily senses. For example, “What do feel when you move that part of your body?” During each movement, you will bring attention to what it feels like to relax a muscle as well as which muscles are used in the movement. Keeping your attention on the sensations involved in the movement is a key component in gaining voluntary control over the sensory-motor system to more effectively engage and relax the muscles as necessary. You will be coached to make all movements slow, engaging their complete attention in the movement. To help maintain focus, most movements are done lying on the floor to take out the need to use one’s attention to balance freeing the mind to focus its attention solely on the movement. This makes the class accessible for most levels of physical ability. If you have further questions whether this class is appropriate for your needs, please contact me. Class sessions and workshops may vary in theme, but are designed to be part of a well-rounded curriculum

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